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Explore our delicious selection of culinary delights and refreshing beverages, perfectly crafted to satisfy your cravings and enhance your dining experience


Savor the essence of Portugal with our authentic, traditional dishes and drinks. Each item is carefully crafted to offer a genuine taste of Portuguese heritage, perfect for culinary adventurers and tourists alike

The ultimate Breakfast (serves 2)

A lavish breakfast suitable for one very hungry guest, ideal for two, or even three. Enjoy it in your room, on the Palace Patio, or in the salons.

What's included:

- Scrumbled Eggs with Fresh Herbs
- Baked Crispy Bacon
- Black Pig Premium Perciotu

- Traditional Oven Bread
- Portuguese Corn Bread
- Crunchy Toasts

- Herbs Butter
- Selection of Portuguese Cheeses

- Homemade Granola
- Organic Yogurt
- 3 Jams (berries & strawberry, pumpkin, peach)

- Selection of sliced Seasonal Fruits

- Coffee
- Mint Tea
- Milk



The Dinner you deserve (serves 2)

Delight in an exquisite dinner, perfect for an intimate evening or a gathering of friends and family. Enjoy this elegant feast in the grandeur of your room, on the serene Palace Patio, or within our sophisticated salons.
What’s Included:

Main Courses: Tender grilled seabass with lemon butter sauce, slow-roasted lamb shank with rosemary jus, and char-grilled chorizo with spicy piri-piri.
Sides: Creamy garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed seasonal vegetables, and butter-glazed carrots.
Salads: Mixed green salad with vinaigrette, traditional Portuguese tomato salad with oregano.
Breads: Assorted artisan breads with olive oil dip.
Desserts: Decadent chocolate mousse, traditional pastéis de nata, and fresh fruit tart.
Beverages: Selection of local wines, port wine, and sparkling mineral water."





Experience the vibrant flavors of Portugal O
oceans with our signature Seafood Rice, a unique dish artfully prepared with fresh, succulent seafood simmered in a rich, aromatic broth. This Portuguese classic is served alongside a carefully selected wine, enhancing the oceanic flavors with its fine notes. Complement your meal with our dramatic flaming chorizo, adding a smoky, spicy kick that perfectly balances the delicate seafood. Perfect for a luxurious dining adventure.



Our Sangria recipes were featured on Forbes and on The New York Times. This is the most famous drink in Portugal. There's 1000's of ways to make it, but here you find the real deal. All prepared with a slow-cooked secret sangria syrup.

Authentic Portuguese Sangrias

Served in a mesmerizing 2 Liters Jar, decorated with love! Careful, our Sangrias, may taste they have no Alcohol, but they are indeed "tricky"

Red Wine Sangria


White Wine Sangria


Rose Wine Sangria


Champagne Sangria



Kids Sangria (0% alchool)

A freshly squeezed cocktail made for all youngsters searching for something unique with the freshest ingredients, and no booze!

Made with a special berries tea, includes the syrup and everything else (excluding the 9 liquors)

100% Alcohol free



4 unique dessert recipes for all sweet lovers! Whatever is your chosen, the regret is always none!

Salted Caramel Petit Gâteu with Ice cream

Made on the spot, steamy and fluffy, melty inside, with sea salt sprinkles and with homemade vanilla ice cream!


★ 2 CREPES of Pastel de Nata


Portuguese Chocolate Salame

Unique, Authentic, Crunchy!
This is one of Portugal favorite traditional sweets, we make it exactly the same way, but improved some necessary aspects. Drizzled with melted chocolate on top.


★ 3 Pastries! Travesseiro and Queijada de Sintra & Pastel de Nata

Includes 3 Famous Homemade Portuguese Sweets!

The most famous and unique pastry from Sintra (Travesseira), the second most famous one (Queijada de Sintra) and the most Iconic Portuguese Pastry of them all (Pastel de Nata)

100% Homemade by our Chef in the Palace Kitchen, served out of the oven to you!


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