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Welcome to the Betty Grafstein Victims Donation Page

This page on Sintra WOW honors Lady Betty Grafstein, the owner of our Palace & Rooms, where she lived for many years. At 95, she bravely accused her celebrity husband of over 20 years of domestic violence. I, Pedro Pico, was physically attacked by her husband when I threatened to expose his abuse. The video of the attack went viral, and Lady Betty publicly accused him and seek a divorce for the first time. She's in hispotal in critical condition, and he was arrested in that day.

May, 16th, 2024


Lady Betty Grafstein, 95 years old, is the owner of the Sintra WOW Palace, which her friend Pedro Pico has renovated and lovingly managed for over three years.

In May 2024, she was pushed by her husband, José Castelo Branco, a TV celebrirty she has been married to for over 25 years. This is the same man who physically attacked (on video) Pedro Pico in the same week. This case has been viral in all over Portugal now.

Betty is now in critical condition in a Portuguese hospital. She has filed a lawsuit for domestic violence, and José was arrested for only two days. Legally, he cannot be within 1000 meters of her. She has also filed for divorce.

She claims to have been suffering from domestic violence, both physical and mental, for years. Many witnesses came forward after Pedro published a viral video on his Instagram, stating that he knew José had been beating Betty, seconds after José attacked Pedro!

We support Betty, we love Betty, but Sintra WOW also supports every victim around the world.


The Betty Grafstein shop was created for that reason: to donate 100% of ALL sales to the Domestic Violence Victims non-profit organizations you choose during the check-out proccess.

So, go ahead and order one of our unique products, shipped worldwide directly to your door, and all the money you spend will help victims who suffer and need help!

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We designed unique t-shirts for you. At check-out you can pick to which organizations you want to donate 100% your purchase.


Since 2012 a trusted promoter of initiatives in favor of equal opportunities and gender equality, combating domestic violence, and much more! 


Since 1949 Caritas strives for a more just society, with those affected by any form of poverty, social exclusion, or emergency, regardless of beliefs, cultures, ethnicities, or origins.


The Association of Women Against Violence is a non-governmental organization, and non-profit. Focused on fighting against all forms of Violence and Discrimination.

100% of all sales will be donated to the Domestic Violence Organization you choose during the Check-out! 


Dress something that helped a Victim!

"Domestic violence encompasses all acts of physical, sexual, psychological, or economic violence that occur within the family or domestic unit, or between spouses or former spouses, or between partners or former partners, whether or not the perpetrator lives or has lived with the victim."

Art. 3-In Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence

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